Scientific article

A scientific article is an article for publication in a specialized periodical that is written for a student to participate in a particular competition, for the future defense of a master’s thesis, for the future defense of a candidate’s thesis, and now they have begun to demand that this be done for bachelors. As a rule, a scientific article is written on a topic that is close to the future topic of a graduation paper, master’s or master’s thesis. It should reflect the position of the author on the issue, review of sources, a little – a review of statistics (if necessary). Individual article is not an article that can be downloaded from Internet. If you download it from the Internet, no one will publish this article. They are checked simultaneously on several resources to determine plagiarism.

You can order scientific article from the authors who know article writing rules, because the mediators themselves do not do the work, and it is not clear to whom to write.

The companies employ authors, not intermediaries in this business. They write articles on economic (economics, finance, banks, accounting, taxes, management), legal areas, government, political science and international relations. They write scientific articles for Scopus journals, as well as for scientific collections of universities and for other publications. Scopus is a bibliographic and abstract database that is a tool for tracking the citation of articles that have been published in scientific journals.

It indexes more than 18 thousand titles of scientific publications in the technical, humanitarian, medical sciences, 5 thousand publishers.

Web of Science (WoS) is a search platform that combines abstract databases on publications in scientific journals, patents, databases where mutual quoting of publications is taken into account. WoS is developed and provided by Thomson Reuters. There is no standard price for article writing PDF – the larger the article or the more complex the topic and the more requirements – the higher the cost. The publication is not included in the price.

We just warn you right away – do not order scientific articles from intermediary firms, even if they promise you cheap, they tell tales that they have scientists, professors and academicians working there. Mediators perform scientific articles extremely disgusting (they give bad and stupid authors, download them from the Internet and process them technically for anti-plagiarism, they write nonsense). The scientific articles ordered by the mediators will extremely disappoint you, for everything is written very badly. Professional article writing jobs for students make exactly the author’s scientific articles to order, of high quality. Yes, it is not so cheap, but only slag and garbage can be cheap, good papers cannot be cheap.